The Creek

‘Do you remember the time when I fell into the creek?’
‘You jumped in. Don’t act like you fell. It wasn’t as deep as you thought it looked. I warned you.’
‘I hurt my head pretty bad.’
‘Why are you bringing this up?’
‘Well, I decided to check out the place again and I stood on the bridge looking down and it does look a lot deeper than it is.’
‘So I jumped in again. Feet first.’
‘What – why?’
‘I didn’t feel the bottom this time.’
‘Why did you jump in again?’
‘Cause it looked deeper this time.’
‘I waded around for a while trying to touch the bottom. But no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t. Anyway, I gave up and swam to the shore and walked back up to the bridge to jump in again.’
‘Christ. You need help, man.’
‘This time I dived in. Like when you were there. Didn’t hit the bottom.’
‘Maybe it just got deeper.’
‘In less than a year?’
’It’s been more than a year.’
‘Has it? Well, damn. Doesn’t feel like it.’
‘Suppose I just had to make sure of something.’
‘Did you?’
‘No. Not really.’

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