The Sea

I am watching the surface of the water from below. Specs of sunlight electrical in movement litter above as each wave pulls itself to the shore. It is quiet here and it only gets quieter as I sink further, the light now fading from my vision. The sea becomes murky, the sand below having been whipped up by the current to mix with the green. I cannot see two feet in front of me. I turn slowly, my arms swaying by my side semi buoyant. I am calm and complacent with the situation. My hands touch my face, it feels different underwater, like some unknown second skin touching a third. I am smoothened. A heavy undercurrent pulls me further below and it is dark and I forget which way is up for a moment and a brief moment of panic envelops me. A bubble escapes from between my lips and it is large and worrisome. I think to myself that I’ve had enough time down here and so I kick hard until a rush of cool air fills my lungs.

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