Conversation with a Predator

“Looking for someone special? Someone to keep you warm tonight?”

Young and trying too hard. Inexperience shows. A bit thinner than I like. Probably an addict. On the streets to make a few bucks. Hope she’s a good lay.
“I surely am. Think you might be the one?”

“Depends on what you’re after, doesn’t it?”

The short hair is nice. Have to get her to ditch the necklace.
“I’m a straight up kind of guy. No kink, except that I don’t like my lay wearing jewelry.”

“No problem. What are you offering? Can you set me up?”
Long thin neck. Satin skin. Gotta have my hands on that. Have to be careful not to break the neck. She mustn’t die too quickly. She’s gotta struggle. The struggle makes everything worthwhile.
“Got some red rum. You into that?”

“It’s a good start. What else you got?”

Make it look good. Don’t want her suspicious. She won’t collect anyway.
“How’s half a C?”

“That works.”

Come to daddy, bitch.

She opens the passenger side door and gets in.

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