On the line

Listen to me. I was young, I was poor, I was foolish. I had nothing, and I wanted everything. I believed their promises when I dialed and told them what I heard. The black vans came the next day, and took everyone. Their whole family. Even young Anna, who my mom used to babysit when we were both toddlers.

Now, I have everything I had ever wanted. By hook or by crook, turning the rules to my advantage, betrayal by betrayal, I have strengthened my position and my power. I have everything, now. I can send vans to your whole neighborhood, and no one could do a thing.

Listen to me. Speak no more. I know what you are trying to say, and why. But you should hang up. Because I was there and I thought crossing that line would give me what I wanted – but now I can tell you that you are wrong about what you really want. When I close my eyes and try to sleep, it is Anna I hear. Finally I know what my heart desires.

And it is forever out of reach.

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