Atalik, Son of Zoltan

I stand in front of the portal, my eyes narrowed.

“Well, it doesn’t look like anything came thr-” I gasp as a hoof slams into my ribs. Centaur. Should’ve known.

“I am Atalik, Son of Zoltan!”

Lorna screams, her mouth opened to an almost ridiculous ‘O’, my brother standing gallantly in front of her.

“No fear! I, Landon Gilchrist…”

Landon and this Atalik guy should get married.

Atalik stamps his hooves and brays angrily. Landon runs behind Lorna, squealing.

My brother has a smile that can make rainbows cry Skittles, but he can’t take out a simple Level 2 Centaur.

Atalik plods to Lorna. “I shall make you my Queen!” he rumbles, reeling back on his hind legs. Lorna’s mouth is still open to the flies.

I sigh and pull a gun from my belt.

“Hey, Atalik?”

“Yes, ugly human?”

“Shut up.” I pull the trigger and he falls to Lorna’s feet.

“Is he dead?” she asks.

“No, just stunned.”

But I’ve got bigger things to worry about than Atalik. Like why is an Agency-strength portal in my basement?

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