Make Your Choice.

I was freezing in that fridge.
I was untouched.
I am thankful you got me.
You are crying. What is wrong?
Here, take a drink of me. I promise I will ease this pain of yours.
That’s it.
No! Don’t break me!
Oh goodness, I thought you were trying to get rid of me.
Take another sip. There you go.
Talk out these problems of yours. What is troubling you?
Oh, you’ve lost your home? In a fire? And your family is gone forever?
Dear, I am so sorry.
Now, now, don’t cry. Here.
Relax a little, take a drink.
Now, slow down, there’s only one me and you didn’t buy any more.
I could tell you already had something before me, but that’s okay. I’m here now and I’m going to help you.
What are those?
What are you doing? No! I don’t mix!
I only want you to forget! This isn’t the answer!
Down they go, into your stomach acid.

“I’m feeling dizzy.”
Of course you are. You just drank me and took those pills.
I know how this ends, here lay down and close those eyes. Everything will be over and you’ll be with them, I promise.

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