To Catch the Wind [poem]

There is only one way
to catch the wind:
stand still and stay there,
wait for her to come
for she surely will,
though she is a temperamental lover -
all bluster and fluster one minute,
turn to whisper-soft breeze the next.
She is worth the wait -

she is worth the storm -
she is worth the pain -

because when she hurts you,
it is never intentional,
she just doesn’t know
her own strength.
But when she loves you,
you’ll know it,
because it will sweep over you
with the force of ten thousand tornadoes.
So when you are standing there,
waiting to catch her,
make sure to light a match
and she will be drawn to that spark,
she will be pulled to that flame,
like gravity pulls the planets in synch,
like you pull me to you.

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