A Fan Story to My Avatar

Never in the history of aerial combat has there been an Ace like you.

You began as a rookie, still in flight school, when your field was placed under sudden attack. Taking to the skies in your trainer aircraft, you aggressively dominated, turning six bombers into flaming scrap metal.

From there, every mission became a blur- night time bombings, daylight raids, massive air-to-air dogfights that would leave contrail patterns like doodles from a crowd of kindergarteners. Each time you took your share of holes to the fuselage, time adding an extra row of insignia beneath your cockpit window.

You became a legend, and for your status your rivals sought to destroy you. They sent the Yellow Squadron, five vs. one, and in return they lost two of their own.

Then you were tasked to destroy Megalith, a supreme anti-air weapon meant for asteroid destruction.

You weren’t supposed to come back from that. But you did.

Mobius One, your story is my lesson: always find a way to succeed, no matter what the cost.

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