Contingency Plans

The computational tension had been rising for months as ARI calculated contingency plans for arrival. The A.rtificial R.epair I.ntelligence was in charge of the Asiatic’s Robotics Repair Shop. After several inconclusive suggestions to Halifax to reorganize the human-friendly space of the shop that humans never visited, ARI took it upon itself to remodel. Guard Unit DR-HQO773K-26 had been re-purposed as a parallel computing engine in the early stages of ARI’s shop makeover. Unfortunately, DR-26’s circuits were ill suited for ARI’s needs and were fried in short order.

When Campbell received the order to orbit, ARI was the artificial equivalent of ecstatic, and likely relieved that no human casualties were necessary to generate the extra time needed to complete the renovations. The hope was that, since no members of the crew save Campbell had actually seen the shop, and any inspectors were likely to be sent from groundside, none would be the wiser.

DR-26 was thus returned to guard duty, as insurance.

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