Consequences Part II

Jen thought back to that time, sixteen years ago, at her home in Millcreek. She remembered the cold cream dripping over her fingers, she remembered the hot sun bearing down onto her while she hurried to get the liquefying creamed sugar into her mouth. She remembered her mother’s smile. She remembered her father’s laugh as he pulled out of the driveway. She remembered watching a boy driving by at the same time and had one too many to drink at the last bar he had been in the night before. She remembered hearing her babysitter screaming, although sometimes it seems like it was really her own scream instead.

Jen’s mind snapped back to the present. “Why does this matter again?”

“Maybe because you consistently don’t think about what could happen to you? You’re in jail and you couldn’t care less.”

“Maybe I just don’t like to show those weaknesses.”

“If caring is a weakness, then so be it, I’m weak.”

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