Doodley Moogles Strikes Again

My memory is stained with sperm, rightfully so, I was raised a boy bestowed with an unnaturally stout penis. Whether in my youth experimenting with beige bang-buddy. Through the first three years of my sperm spree I invested in a cow-hide mermaid skinned coon skin mattress.

I browsed my local sex offender registry to happily scroll across a pedo-smile possessing moustached man-maid. When i further investigated his loins i was needless to say anally pleased. Who’s to say who was giving the cavity search? Batman scowled “Merrrr meerrrrrrrr.”

Robin alarmed by the early morning Bat-Mating call scurried into the Bat-Sex Quaternions. Upon the Hodge Podge Garbage Barge perched the darkest of dildos.

“I grab it, as I always do. There are horses on the screen, and my pants are off. Two ends of the shirt are connected by last nights stream.

“Without thinking, I pull. A sense of whimsy would come over me if I saw sparks any other time. "

Special thanks and embedded quotes from Lil’ Nutsack

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