She waited to see her grandparents pick her up. She walked outside. The wind had a bite to it, it stung her cheeks.
Her stomach rumbled underneath her hands. It churned from emptiness.
She groaned and told her stomach it wasn’t hungry.

Her grandparent’s car was heading her way. She smiled, opened the door, and felt the rush of warm air waft in her face. She jumped in and put on her seat belt.
“Ready for lunch?” Their warm tones in sync.
Her stomach churned again.
She nodded her head.

They arrived at the restaurant and were seated at a table.
“I’ll have a salad,” She told the waitress and she scribbled it down.

Keep the food down, She thought as she chewed the mass and swallowed. Just eat. She pushed herself to swallow more, her stomach hated her; it was confused. It didn’t know what food was anymore; it was the most she’s eaten in weeks.
“You’re looking a little thin sweetie,” Her grandma said.
What lies, I’m so fat.
She pushed her plate, “I’m sorry I ate something earlier, I’m not so hungry.”

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