Tom is Smitten

My God!
She’s coming out of the door, he can practically smell that coconut dream scent coming off her in waves.
He moans softly when he sees she’s changed.
What she’s changed into.
T-shirt, very short cut-off jean shorts, and sandals. Holding a phone.
He imagined tearing her clothes off her in a moment of violent passion, then he imagined stripping her in a honey sweet slow ecstasy.
He imagined how her toes would taste.
So lost in his fog of fantasy it took him a moment to realize she was filling up the binoculars’ field of vision.
He tore them from his eyes.
Screamed as her slap sent his head whipping to one side with a loud crack and his body filled with fifty thousand volts.
“PERVERT!” she spat and sauntered back home without looking back.
He twitched.
That wasn’t a phone, he thought. My God, I’m so lucky I have her.

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