Just A Prank.

I couldn’t see anything. The blindfold did it’s duty by blinding me fully.
I could hear the chuckles and encouragement of others to have the mystery woman kiss me. I had to guess who’s lips pressed to mine. It was only a kiss.

Our mouths got closer until our lips touched, they fit together like perfect puzzle pieces.
It didn’t feel like an ordinary kiss. My knees buckled, my lips went numb, and my insides were churning. My head spun when she parted but I felt empty.
I reached out with my hands and found the bend of her neck. Their skin was as soft as their lips. I pulled hard and collided our lips together. An electrifying shock ran through my body, sending my heart racing and my blood to boil. Her hands tangled in my hair, bringing me closer. I slipped my tongue in her mouth and we kissed for another 3 Mississippi’s.

I heard noises of disgust and before I responded the blindfold ripped off my face and we were torn apart.
My eyes adjusted to the light but not the girl standing ahead of me.

My sister.

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