A Gentleman's Wager

It was a hot 1 AM in Miami. The man sat in his limo. The woman leaned on the open window, her breasts poised to roll out of her filmy yellow sundress. Her brunette hair spilled in a wave around her neck.

The man smiled darkly. “Colleen, I want to go over the wager one more time. Wait until I have left, then travel north for four blocks and meet me. You will not go more than two yards down any side street, nor into any building.” The woman nodded slowly. Her smile was jittery, yet excited.

“There are four of my friends along your route. They all wear red flowers. Find them, blow them, without violating the wager – and it’s another two grand each on top of the ten grand.” She licked her lips; he smirked.

“So – ready?” The woman nodded. The man reached out from the limo, and pulled at the breakaway sundress he had given her earlier. It slipped away without a sound, leaving Colleen wearing only her Minolos, her stockings, and a thin sheet of sweat beneath which her skin prickled with the thrill.

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