United We Fall

In a New York hotel suite, late at night a United Nations ambassador sleeps. The only sound is the winds clashing with the skyscraper which is joined by a phone ring. The ambassador stirs and answers it.
“Ambassador, Pack your things and get to airport. There is a jet waiting for you. Your family is being taken care of.”
He is instantly alert. “What happened? An assassination threat?”
“I wish. The UN has failed, Ambassador. We’re bringing you home.”
“I don’t understand.” But his face said he already did. The UN was created after WWII so countries could solve conflicts through diplomacy before it could escalate to full-scale warfare again. “What are you telling me?”
“35 minutes ago, China bombed Mumbai. Intelligence is telling us North Korea has one en route to Hawaii.”
The Ambassador opened his mouth when a burst of light filled the room. Far to the southwest a bulbous pink cloud glows by it’s own light. He fumbles with the receiver. "They just got D.C. and these are not nuclear weapons.

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