3:27 a.m. Booth 12-

Muffin sat fidgeting in Castle Boutique’s coin-op video booth as the credits scrolled at the end of Lindsey Lohan’s new-age western romance porno, Whets World.

Damn, she really is talented, Muffin thought. She filmed, starred, produced, performed the soundtrack, rode a horse and edited the entire thing by herself. She even played the part of Yul Brenner and James Brolin. Who knew?

She fed the machine her last coin and fished through the trash. She finally found what she was looking for among the gooey tissue and cigarette ash; a used syringe. Needle mended, Muffin dumped her hard heroin into the returned-change dish and held her lighter underneath. Boil and bubble, toil and trouble.

Muffin’s eyes threw their last roll after she got wedged behind a dumpster. She struggled to find a warm spot to sit, she didn’t care that it was in a fresh puddle of urine. A lazy angel appeared from behind a rusted, paint peeled service door (was it marked Livermorium or Live At The Emporium?) and reached for a muffin.

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