Priceless Treasure 1

On a porch step sat a little girl,
A girl of about four or five,
She didn’t want much,
Not candy or jewelry,
Nor dolls or anything of the such.
All she wanted was a frilly dress,
In which she could spin and twirl about.

All the other girls in her class,
Talked about how they went to tea parties with their dolls,
And about frills and bows – they scoffed at her plain dress with sass,
Did they know how she cried at night?
That she didn’t have what they talked about with delight?

Her grandma saw the sad and worry,
Etched in her granddaughters face,
She couldn’t give her what she desired,
But she decided to give her a gift anyway.
She gave her a necklace, older than she – more valuable than gold,
It was priceless, but the treasures of it – untold.
A gift well meaning, to take her love’s mind off her heart’s desire.

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