Mr. Keeble's Ass

Eduardo slumped into his writing chair.
“Don’t hunch like that, Eduardo,” said Mr. Keeble as he sat on the cherry wood desk.
“Don’t sit on my writing-table: you’ll break it,” muffled Eduardo.
Mr. Keeble lectured on, “Eddy my dear, you cannot expect a woman to fight for your attention after you have completely shattered her heart.”
“Get your ass off my writing desk! You know nothing about my life.”
" Of course I do, you little fool. I know more about your own life than you do! By god, I swear a single ass cheek of mine knows more about your own life than you."
“What does that ass of an inspector say?”
“Stop being,” replied Mr. Keeble as he picked a wedgie, “…so…vain.”
“I am not vain!”
“Oh please, you have a huge ego.”
“I have a huge ego?”
“By George, it’s enormous!”
“And so is your ass!” retorted Eduardo as he slumped further into his chair.
Mr. Keeble rubbed Eduardo’s leg.
“Would my ass look better without pants on?”
Eduardo grinned.
“Oh, chuck them over the bannisters into the hall.”

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