Glass Heart

At first, there is nothing but the sound of machinery pumping energy through the glass cage. I can’t tell if its just the effects of the gas, or if I’m only having another nightmare. I force my eyes open, and immediately gasp for air. My lungs tighten and I fall to the concrete bottom of the glass, coughing and sputtering.

Keep it together, I warn, breath, just breath , I tell myself. My fingers digging into the concrete of the glass dome I slowly lift my head to look out ahead of me. I’m not the only one. Panic bursting through my veins I scream, and kick and smash against the dome, sobbing through the pain of the sight. Kid after kid, person after person, there lies a glass box with a person inside…but soon I realize…I’m the only one awake.

That thought, that single, one thought must have triggered something. Because at that very moment, the floor beneath me disappeared, and I fell into ice liquid, breathing water instead of air…

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