Ash Eyes

He traced a design on her skin, letting her skin sizzle. She could feel the pain. She could feel the stick. She tried to break free. The man began pressing the stick harder against her skin, “Shh. It’s just a symbol.” No matter how much pain she went through, she still managed strength. “That symbol, is nothing but the symbol you make me. I’m nothing more than a money bag to you,” she said hoarsely through clenched teeth.

“No, this symbol speaks of what a worthless, stupid, idiotic girl you are! And how as soon as we are alone on are honeymoon, you’ll be DEAD! Just like your sister!” The girl screamed, then got hold of herself, “That will never happen, Pawnee. Because I will never marry you.”

The man’s face twisted, and he grabbed a wipe, throwing the stick down. He began hitting her so hard, she could hear the vibration of its slap, feel the pain of its windy mark. The man left, covered in blood. Fire still licked at her skin, but she didn’t move, because death had already taken her.

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