Cosmic Leftovers

“So I’ve been thinking of moving out of my parents’ place,” said the six-limbed fawn-like being as it stirred an expresso in the pan-dimensional coffee shop, “and getting a little universe of my own. You’ve got one now, right? How hard is it?”
The shining silver sphere bobbed above the chair across the table. “Yep, it’s coming on nicely. Got a few lifeforms, they seem to be breeding alright. I’m hoping to have them temple-building some time next era.”
“So are they easy to make?”
“Yeah, no problem…actually there are a few tricky bits. The start and the end of time, they can be messy. I hear lifeforms will ask all sorts of awkward questions about it eventually and I’m hoping to avoid as much theology as possible. But I found a great solution.”
In a logic-defying motion, the sphere threw a handbag on the table. Two jars filled with brain-twisting voids rolled onto the table.
“The Beginning and End of Time. I snipped them off and tied the ends of time together. Cyclical universe. It’s the way forward!”

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