My First - Pt 6

Did I just say that out loud? I know I was thinking it. But did my mouth actually say it?
A smile spread over Andrea’s face, and she giggled, “Thank you Eric. You aren’t so bad yourself. Very handsome actually in that shirt.”
“It’s new,”
“You should wear stuff like that more. Better than the ripped t-shirts.”
“I can.. for sure.. if you’d rather…”
“Oh stop it, Eric. Don’t do it for me. I like you just the way you are. Quirks and all. You know..” she pulled out her iPhone, and showed me pictures in its gallery, “I took pictures of every drawing you’ve ever given me.”
“What? seriously?”
“Ya.. They cheer me up – you know, when things aren’t so great at home?”
“You’re mom still yellin’ at you?” I was sad for her.
“Only when she drinks,” she hissed, “which is all the time,”
“Man, that’s rough. You know, I’ll always come here if you need someone to… well,” I shrugged, “To drink your rooty-float!”
“I don’t think so!’ she laughed, stealing mine and sipping from it.
We laughed. And then she took my hand.

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