I stand nervously in front of the crowd, my senses cut off by a blindfold and blasting music. What if they pair me up with the B.O. guy? Or the guy who’s been left back four years and has more beard than face? Or what if it’s Cole…mmm, I’ll know if it is…-

There’s no warning. I shriek as a tall, strong guy – a senior? – grabs me by the waist and presses up against me. He forces his lips onto mine and before I know it, his tongue is down my throat. This isn’t right! His rough, sweaty palms violently clutch my body. Fear courses through my veins like a racehorse. He licks my ear. I hope to God that it’s his phone digging into my leg.

He shoves me to the wall. Tears stream down my cheeks.
This isn’t funny! I’m scared! Did everyone leave? What if he rapes me? And I’m alone?
“NO! STOP!” I scream with all my might.

The music jerks to a halt. The crowd is laughing… at me? They thought it was funny??

I rip off my blindfold, gasping, shivering.

“See you when you get home, Annabel,” says my father.

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