Second Chance

We were the closest of friends
trusting without question.
until our trust was broken,
by you.
along with my heart.
My closest friend,
So dear, so deeply loved.
Without a reason
Or a cause
you broke us apart.

Left completely alone,
I don’t even know why.
You can’t explain it,
Is all you ever say.

But I’m tired
Of wondering,
Of dreaming,
of feeling.
Because all I feel
Is hurt.

I tried my best
to show you
I’m in love.
you didn’t care
In the end.
And now
I’m behind you?

There’s no second chance
Because of this
Faceless issue?

I’ve tried
To convince myself
To not care anymore.
To find a reason
To hate you.
I just can’t.
You’re everything I want,
I love you.
I’m in love with you still.

And I’m just looking
For a chance.
For a fair chance
That I didn’t have.

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