After Dinner Mint

The meetings are scheduled no less then a month in advance to accommodate the participants itineraries. Never for later the same day. The group usually meet for two hours as they thoroughly discussed points relating to their eclectic nature. Now the party was onto their sixth hour. The conversation usually go no further then the eleven professionals seated around the table and the waiter. News of the meeting’s conclusion tonight could ripple down to every soul on the planet.
“The Coan need to mind their own business”
“That’s the problem, everyone’s business is the Coan’s business.”
“If we don’t find some cute and digestible package for what we have to say then this might become our last meeting.”
“Hell, If we can’t find something to act on then the recoil will be be crippling.”
“Why haven’t we considered the pedantic solution? We lie.”
“And then the Coan publishes proof of the lies turning crippling into slaughtering.”
The restaurant is closing. Everyone takes an hour break and resumes at a new location.

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