Thanks Santa

I eagerly rushed to my Christmas stocking wondering what Santa had brought. It looked like quite a few pieces whatever it might be. I dumped out the contents only to find lumps of coal, and coal dust. Disappointed and angry I threw one of the lumps against the wall. When it hit the floor I stood looking at it for a moment. That’s when I noticed the impressions and lines that throwing the coal had caused on its surface. Carefully picking it up I began flicking the loose pieces from it. I ran to the kitchen and returned to my lump of coal with a knife. Carefully carving the lump began to turn into a rough carved head then more and more it turned into a finely crafted bust of a mans head. My head began to swim with possibilities. I quickly took a digital picture of my newly carved bust and put in on my favorite bidding website. When the bidding was over my coal bust had sold for 150 dollars. Tens busts later I am starting to make plans for what I can do next year to get more coal. Thanks Santa.

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