The Turning

“Hey, hey!” shouted Peter as he ran towards his friends, who were screaming at the top of their lungs and were on the breach of starting a fight right in the middle of lunch. Before he could reach either of the girls, Brittany, his ex-girlfriend, punched Annah square-on in the face.

Annah spoke with quite a lot of anger in her voice, “You’re going to regret that,” and punched Brittany in the gut.

Brittany sneered and, almost mockingly, said, “You’re going to regret that, yourself,” her voice sounded evil and dark. Brittany’s face started to rearrange itself. Her skin peeled off and left a milky green shade. Annah didn’t even look surprised; her face adopting a grim look.

Brittany’s hair had started to smolder and that too, burned off. Her hair started to move on its own. The ends started peeling from Brittany’s scalp and started to hiss. Like a snake; a slithering green snake. A snake that is hungry and wants to eat you whole.

Annah slid a dark box under a table and ran, dragging Peter behind her.

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