Shave and a Haircut, I Spy

FACE…So that’s a C, I flicked the string with my thumb. Two G’s with my ring finger and then an A flat. Flat. How do you play a flat on a harp? I voiced my question out loud.

“The pedals, you kick it up for a flat.”

I pulled the harp off my right shoulder and stared at the base. “Which one?”

Maggie shrugged, “Sorry, I don’t remember which pedal changes which note.”

“Guess it’s trial by error then.” I twisted my back to get rid of a kink in my back and turned back to my work. Starting from the rightmost pedal, I played the white string under my middle finger, nudged the pedal, and repeated the A.

Hmm, maybe. C, two G’s, an A, and then another G. “I think I’ve got it.”

Shave and a haircut… “B, C.”

Al helpfully supplied the last two notes.

“Right. That was an educational five minutes. Anybody wanna play I Spy again?”

“Not today, we should practice Nova. We might have to play with the rest of the orchestra again.”

I sighed. “I guess.”

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