My first party. I got chills when I snuck out of the house, another first.
Us car full of girls giggled our sober heads off.
“We’re gonna get you so trashed girl! Don’t worry, we’ll take care of you.” She pulled a flask out of her purse, “Here, drink some of this.”
I swallowed it down, not letting it touch my tongue. I sighed and took another swig.

The party was wild. Everyone threw back their shots and drank round after round. Every room was smoking, the air smelled like drugs and impulsiveness.
I finally escaped the beer pong table and poured myself some “punch.”
“Les! Help me! She’s gonna be sick any minute!” I heard Cat call behind me.
I took Izzy’s arm and we led her to the bathroom.
I set my glass outside the door.
I held her hair and avoided getting vomit on my shoes.

The throwing up was done.
I grabbed my drink and kept a steady sip.

I don’t remember the rest of the night.
All I know is I woke up in dirty sheets, legs spread.
My skin smelled of sweat and strangers.
I was in all kinds of trouble…

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