You Chose: Bamboo Fan

You reach for the bamboo fan. You recoil from it as the cheap thing lodges a splinter in your finger. Surprised, Lee-Berg fires her gun!

The bullet hits Bill right in the back of his head. You see parts of his brains and face on the walls and floors. Somehow, the remains of his face still look smug.

“Oh, looks like I wound up shooting him first.” You hear Jen Lee-Berg say.

After you both look at what’s left of Bill lying on the floor, you regain your senses and pull out your service pistol.

“You’re under arrest!” You shout.

But it’s too late, in the time it took to pull your gun and point it at her she turned and dashed for the exit at the rear of the store.

You curse under your breath as you weigh your options.

Call in the murder and wait for backup: By the Book.

Or run after Jen before she gets away: Be a Hero.

Choose your doom.

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