A birthday to forget (part 1)

Margaret was in no mood for a birthday party. Standing outside the grand ballroom, she could hear the chatter and the booming music.
“Happy Birthday, Maggie.”
Jumping a little in surprise, Margaret turned to face the owner of the voice
Tall and lanky, the young man was dressed in a jeans and a black v-neck that matched his angular jaw. The condescending expression in his gray eyes made her regret wearing the tiara that had made her feel like a princess just a couple hours ago.
“I have an invitation you know” the man said, noticing her suspicious expression. He pulled a small card out of his pocket that clearly read You are cordially invited to the 16th Birthday of Miss Margaret Debray.
“Who invited you?” Margaret insisted, as the elevator came to a halt.
The man shrugged, “Who knows? I guess you’re not going to want to remember tonight.”
“What do you m-”
“Shall we go in?” he said, offering his arm.
A little dazed, she took it, and walked with the stranger through the doors, where the celebration lie.

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