Shut Them Tight.

“Just do it! He’ll be so freaked out!” They were egging me on.
I looked at my brother, blindfolded, right ahead of me.
I laughed and got closer to his face, to his lips.

They connected.

I felt his lips move with mine.
How foolish this dare is.
I parted and everyone laughed, cat called, and obnoxiously howled.

Jonah reached out to me, extending his arms to find me. He took hold of my neck, a bit rough and kissed me again.
The kiss was…something.
Words cannot describe.
the sensation surprised me when his tongue was in my mouth. His tongue was butter. I closed my eyes and the feeling between my legs tingled.
I grabbed his hair, unable to control what I was doing, I only did.
I couldn’t stop myself from my heart beginning to race and my body wanting more.

Until I remembered where I was.
I opened my eyes and we were pulled apart.
We were a mess.

His blindfold was taken off. He looked at me, and his mouth dropped.
This is too fucked up.

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