“Have I ever told you about how I solved a murder?”

“Wow! No way! Really?”

“I was sitting at the side of a pool in Las Vegas. There were a lot of people sunbathing but not swimming, it was October. But being from Michigan, I was nice and warm. I saw something brown and rectangular at the bottom of the pool and knew it was a wallet because it had a chain attached, like something a Hells Angel would wear.”

“What did you do?”

“Well, I saw a bunch of kids running towards the pool area, so I dove in and grabbed the wallet and wrapped it up in my towel. In my room, I went through the wallet, trying to find a name and number. But the money in the wallet was blood-stained. The wallet and it’s contents had a, what looked like to me, a bullet hole. So I called the cops.”

“Far OUT!”

“The police took my prints so they, you know, could exclude mine. They told me the wallet belongs to a suspected murderer. Their attorney wants to know who found the wallet.”

“Aren’t you scared?”

“Nah. Want to see the stuff I kept?”"

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