Through the Eyes of High Society

Blood ran red through the halls. The new paint recently applied was ruined. The carpets would take days to be cleaned.

It had been a truly dreadful murder, such a well-to-do man. That ill-mannered wife of his finally lost it, stabbed him 8 times, then ran around the house, getting the blood all over. She even stained the poor daughter’s dress.

What an awful woman. I never liked her from the day I met her. She was always too quiet, never willing to have a conversation, quite rude. She would always walk around town unkempt, as if she didn’t care. Why such a proper man chose her is beyond me.

And to kill him? She won’t get any of his money, if that’s what she was thinking. His family will put her in the nut house before she can get her hands on it. Then, their daughter will inherit it when she’s old enough I suppose. Hopefully she won’t turn out like her mother. I assume she has a good chance to be just fine having been raised far away from that village of beggars her mother came from.

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