Who are the cleaners I

I came across an open garage with a lady inside, as the malicious plane made a U turn heading strait toward us. In a panic I yelled. She didn’t hear me. I picked her up and ran as fast as I could with a 90 pound person in my arms. She looked at me, confused. Just then the radio announced that all over the country people were witnessing these “acid drops”. The President spoke announcing that we didn’t know who was responsible, his fear and shuddering voice not so reassuring. in fact it actually reassured all of us that this is really happening. I asked her if she had a phone, as she stood there shaking, pointing stiff as a board. I looked at it dumbfounded, a brass antique wall phone. Immediately commercials played for tooth paste, cereal, and baby products. Sitting there waiting through three operator-commercials before I could make an urgent phone call. since I learned the hard way hanging up only reset your position, having to listen to three or more commercials to dial out. Irritation set over me!

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