Dread Of The Unknown

A knock at the door made me jump, answering it, I told our friends three strange people were in my house. As friends do, hounding for information it became the topic of discussion. Just then a large carrier craft flew over. It was so low, I just had to get a closer look where it was going. Their voices became distant and muffled as I walked to the other side of the street to get a better look. Just then, they started announcing over a megaphone that they were about to drop acid, that is painful and eats through your skin. Standing in complete horror watching as they started pouring acid over the house we were in. My friends dropped like flies, so I began to run away and they started coming closer, as if to hit me purposefully. I ran yelling at neighbors outside to get in. In complete shock, I didn’t know if I was awake or dreaming, but I struggled to wake if I could. I couldn’t.

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