The First and Last Date

“May I offer we go and get some coffee, its usually open late on a Friday?”
“I don’t know, only if you want to.”

And I thought first dates where easy
Here I sit on her couch
Watching her grandma’s black and white television,
Wondering when she will get the picture that I had just offered to go and get some coffee.

“You know that couch is real leather, it was made by my father bought all his supplies from the local antique shop.”
“Oh and how did he make it.”
“Oh you know tools and such.”

One more minute of this and am going to puncture my eyes with her sharpener.
What have I gotten myself into?
I wonder if the subject “such” was him using his head.

“So how about I go and get some take out and come back in a bit.”
“We can go to a burger shop, they make great Chinese dish.”

And I thought a burger shop was for burgers and not a Chinese dish.
I couldn’t wait any longer to leave; I had swung the door open and started to run down the hallway. I had nearly missed an elder lady trying to get to my car.

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