The Shakedown

Sitting in a unfamiliar house all we could see what the whites of each others eyes and the blue illumination of the candle. The antique radio played, it was as if we were back in time. Walking out together sitting in the living room, this was normal life. As if they owned the place, three police figures barged in, dropping large olive green duffel bags onto the floor one by one. A younger male quickly opened the zippers, revealing they were full of machine guns, pistols, grenade launchers. Surreal, shock and fear came over us. My first thoughts was “OH DEAR LORD! A zombie apocalypse.” Radio stations with news were now blaring, after a female figure walked over to the radio turning it up, as the leader who bared a gun in hand stared blankly at each of us. What could we do but stare back in fear. I knew he could smell it.

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