She sat on the old street bridge reading an old letter to a dear friend.
" I worry about you. I know you’re busy I have been through a lot. You are my friend and I love you! I miss the times we sat and talked, no one else cared for me like you. I hope you feel the same and know I’m here for you"

About to throw it in the river below, she stood a moment, deciding to add;
“Its now 4 years since I last saw you. I can’t believe you left without a goodbye. I know you’ll never see this so who gives a shit? Pregnant by some ass who says he loves me, showing it through abuse. I am not happy.

I miss you but you don’t give a fuck, so I HATE YOU!
I loved you, I was there, what did I do?
I am writing this because no one will ever read it.

Tonight, I will kill myself. I don’t know what to do and I have no one to talk to. You didn’t make it to my high school graduation and won’t make it to this one either so what do you care? What do I?


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