Her side of the story

Deep down her boyfriend caught on. She said “I love you” feeling it, but no longer knew what love was. She thought about it like a persistent voice over and over in her head. As it ate at her day in, day out, she just knew she did not feel the same about him as her friend.
He loved her so much it hurt from the distance grown between them over the years. He had to know so he got on top of her as she slept,
“You love me right baby? You do love me?”
“yes” Staring him deep in the eyes, in fear as she pushed him off her.
Jumping back on her
“you don’t love me, you lying bitch!” he yelled, as he hit her, strangling her.
Just then, life flash before her eyes.
She thought “This is it…this is how it ends”
She passed out.
Awakening to her alarm, she started crying. He was gone. She didn’t know what to do. If only she had her friend who just disappeared he would know what to do. She realized that she did love her friend, still, and didn’t know how it got as bad as it had in life without him. She was pregnant.

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