His side of the story

After passing without noticing him every day for weeks he caught on. Though he had all the signs of being in love, her heart so black, didn’t even see it. In time they walked home together nearly everyday, as two inseparable kids, unknowingly to the other blossoming an everlasting love. He happened to be in their spot more times than not as she would walk home. He showed up in all the right places at the right time. Her heart began to sink around him. One day she had felt like her whole world was over, and everything was completely falling apart. She sat on their bench, looking up at the night sky, writing him a letter, waiting to give him. She would never see him again, though she would wait. Sitting in their spot, sometimes till the sun started going down, she would just wait.
Being seven years apart, he looked at her so innocent, unwilling to break her, atleast not knowingly. She made him fear himself, so to save her heart break, he never said goodbye.

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