I found you broken, alone. Walking over to you, a beautiful girl, body completely altered, platinum blonde from dark brown, boobs five times bigger than your butt cheeks, ribs penetrating your skin. I could see your brokenness on your sleeve. Your lightly pulsing veins yelled to me, “feed me, I am suffering.” Somewhere in life you must have believed you were ugly. So much, before even turning twenty one, you look nothing like you did as a girl. I didn’t know you, but I know of you! As if touching your hand just once, sent me through your lifeline, as a vampire sucking the life right out of you. Your pain is eased as I let you go, laying you gently in the late summers creek. Your tears are now slumbered. You will feel pain no more. For this, I pride myself, I did your evil deed for you. But now, I will have to shoot off your head, your inner beauty, no one will see. Your outer beauty just a memory to me.

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