“He’s having another fit- Betty, I need you to come over here and hold him down while I refill the IV. Yeah, just like that. Now, calm down hon, but this is gonna take a sec”

“Alright, that should keep him down for a bi- umm, alright. No no, it’s fine if you hold his hand, just try not to make any sudden movements, okay hon?"

Jeremy suddenly awakens from his nightmare. Looking around the room, he feels a strange sense of well-being when he sees his glow-in-the-dark wallpaper. Tossing aside his sweat covered sheets, the small child instinctively grabs his daddy’s favorite blanket as he hears the commotion in the other room. Hopping off his bed, Jeremy wraps the sheet around him like a Jawa while he walks down the hall, and into the living room.

“Jeremy- get back to bed!” his mother franticly yells as he enters the room. Moving toward the boy, one of the hospice nurses tries to quickly get him back in his room before-

“Time of death, 5:36 AM”

Connor suddenly awakens from his nightmare.

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