Seems unheard of (the apprentice's beginning)

First day on the job, she noticed him, with his shirt off, as her girlfriend came to meet up for lunch.
“oooh La la who is HE!!’
“girl shut your mouth, lets go” she said back as they giggled like school girls.
Her girlfriend reached out to lightly touch him while walking past him. Turning around, she looked at him and winked. He hesitated. He didn’t even notice her friend, he noticed the apprentice.
Her tight hot body, so desirable, a world of pain she’d entered. All the men started talking about how bad they wanted to hit that. They couldn’t believe a female would attempt to be working here.
He kept silent. Nothing would hurt his marriage more than rumors flying. Yet he smiled, to patronize the group.
As the last two on the job as the sun went down they begun to go over the plan for tomorrow. She blushed when she begun to fantasize about him with his top off again. He noticed her glare, as if he knew what she was thinking- fear came over him. Lust filled the room as the two left the site tension ignited.

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