Train Waiting

It all started at the subway station. First Vera stood there, her feet just touching the yellow line.
She extended her right leg and hung her foot over the edge, as if testing the waters.Her heart began to race a little; she could feel the blood pumping through her whole body. She wondered what would happen if she lay on the tracks.
The train wouldn’t come for another 15 minutes.
She tested the waters again.
Then she started to walk back to the wall, far from the yellow line.
It was a stupid idea.
Something stopped her. A breeze, maybe even a hand.
At its urging, she went back to the edge.
In the distance, she could hear the rumble of a train.
She pushed it out of her head. 15 minutes.
She could definitely make it back in time.
Oh look.
She looked around her; had anyone else noticed?
There was a box sitting on the tracks.
Not that large, only a bit larger than your average ring box.
It shouldn’t be left there.
The hand urged her on.
The rumbling was much louder than before.
She could make it back in time.

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