New Year

Her breath fogged the glass. Moonlight reflected off the thick blanket of snow outside. It sparkled like so many diamonds. She absently smoothed her skirt, the satin dress barely making a sound as she shifted to lean against the window frame.

Her thoughts drifted far from this place and time, to noisy parties, festive music, laughter and hugs and food.

How things had changed in just a few years. How quiet it was now. What were all the people who had once cared for her doing now?

She glanced at the cell phone held in her right hand, just in time to see the clock change. One more minute to go. No phone calls so far, no texts. She didn’t expect any, but it would have been nice. She tucked her hair behind her ear. The glass fogged again.

Midnight. Silence.

“Happy new year.” The glass fogged. The snow glittered. The cell phone didn’t vibrate. She set it on the windowsill, closed the curtains, and walked away. Her dress flowed elegantly about her ankles. Her heels clicked quietly on the wood floor.

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