Grandma's Ramblings

I lost my sight on my 23rd birthday. It was early in the morning and I wasn’t sleeping well. Not because I was excited for my party (my boyfriend was flying in and we’d finally be first face to face) but at that time I never did sleep well.
It was as if stadium lights had suddenly been turned on outside my window. I didn’t have time to jolt upright before a shock wave tumbled me to the ground. Within half a second, everything had been jumbled around and shattered.
Things were starting to go dark but I was able to look out the window. My last sight was of our neighborhood blanketed in a pink fog. It was still many hours till dawn but I could make out details as if it were noon. That was when the revelation set in. I started to panic as the details melted away.
We had known that the United Nations were having troubles after India announced it’s biological weapons development. I think we were too conciliated with the Sandlot Ventures Solution going public. Nobody took any of the omens seriously.

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