Late night desperation (a.k.a what I did at 2 am)

I grumbled, staring at my alarm clock. How obstinate it was being. Why couldn’t it stay earlier so I would still have a window to sleep. I pulled my Ipod off it’s resting place, and slowly and carefully dragged my headphones across the wood of my bedside table,trying to keep it from making noise.

But to no avail.

I grumbled, cursing my misfortune. I may have woken my parents. Oh well.

I clicked the app the allowed me to enter the horrid yet wonderful world of the internet.

I was on a favorite website of mine, browsing the artwork, when I came upon a picture of an Indian boy in moccasins, and was next to a white, seemingly glowing wolf. I read in the description that it was supposedly his “spirit animal”. I’d heard this term before, and I had wanted to look into it for a while. I was Cherokee, so I suppose it made sense.
I went to Google and looked into it.

I found a few slightly helpful websites, by now I was obsessed. I read more an more, and I was hooked.

I needed to know more.

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