Late night desperation (a.k.a what I did at 2 am) pt. 2

I had found the one.

The PERFECT thing to help me with my obsession.

It was a simple video, and it was really easy to listen to compared to all the others. It was a woman, and she carefully explained that everyone (supposedly, depending what you believe.) has a specific animal, stone, and plant that "responds’ to your body’s natural vibrations. In theory.

So, being the naive little child I am, I went along with it. I had nothing else to do, so I figured I’d answer my questions.

So, it went like this.

You had to imagine some place perfect, where nothing wrong was occurring. And it HAD to be in nature.

So, imagined a clearing. An after a while, I felt something pricking my skin. I was in a trance, and I could feel the grass in the clearing. It was cool on my skin, and as I fell deeper into the spell, I saw the moon, the stars, the trees. And I could hear the sounds of twilight, crickets, frogs… I was in bliss.

And then, a mist came around me. And as it cleared, I saw them.

Twin green eyes aglow.

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